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552 Special Diamond Bit DP

552 Special

Diamond dry bit 552-M, for grinder RPM 14000 max.
Available with M14 connection.
Ideal for milling, enlarging, shaping, countersinking on existing holes on: tile (ceramic, gres, etc.), hard stone (granite, marble, etc.), artifical stone (OKITE®, SILESTONE®, etc.). 
Use on other masonry materials is possible, but will reduce tool life. It can also be used to create lateral semicircular recesses (for cables, pipes, etc.).

Diamond dry bit 552-CS, for grinder RPM 14000 max.
Available with M14 connection.
Ideal for milling, enlarging, shaping, countersinking existing holes on: tiles (ceramic, stoneware), hard stone (granite, marble), artificial stone (OKITE®, SILESTONE®, etc.).

Not recommended for deep drilling.

CMT Orange Tools 552 Special Diamond Bit DP
Recommendations for use:
Remember that this tool is not a drill bit. Attempting to bore holes perfectly perpendicular to the work surface on a frequent basis will drastically reduce the life of your hole saw.
Using water as a cooling agent may help extend the life of the hole saw.

The percussion/hammer action mode must be turned off when using these hole saws.
Item Code D I L A S MAX RPM
552-506M 6 35 65 M14 Max 14000
552-508M 8 100 130 M14 Max 14000
552-520M 20 50 65 M14 Max 14000
552-535CS 35 30 65° M14 Max 14000
552-570CS 70 50 45° M14 Max 14000