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Chucks for “ER32” precision collets

Chucks for “ER32” precision collets


The ideal accessories for machining centres, point-to-point machines and CNC routers.

-Extreme precision and reliability.
-Perfect tool centering.
-Defect-free rotation.
-Made from extremely high resistant steel.
-Precision grinding on all jointed parts.
-Extreme high rotation performance >= 15 HP – 20.000 RPM.
-For very efficient sizing on extreme unprecedented high feed speed.
-Excellent finishing quality on the workpiece and longer tool life.
-Sturdy design with reduced height to increase the work space between the machine and the piece.
-Safe and fast tool setup.
-Interchangeable collet clamps with radial grooves for secure parallel tool clamping.
-Wide clamping tolerance (-0.7mm).
-Right or left-hand rotation chucks with self clamping threads.
-Clamping nut with Woodruff radial grooves for c-spanners.
-Practical withdrawal sleeves with double differential threads for the chuck spindle.
-Central hexagonal low profile for easy tool clamping through a c-spanner.
-Designed and tested in collaboration with the most renowned machining and CNC router construction centres.
-Delivered in smart professional packaging.
REMARK: for the North American market this product is available on request only.
Codice S RH-LH H C-spanner Clamping nut for chucks Clamping nut for chucks
MK2/M30x1.5mm LH 991.183.00 992.183.02
MK2/M30x1.5mm RH 991.183.00 992.183.01
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