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A very talented woman with 50K follower! Let's know more about Cristiana Felgueiras @gethandsdirty

A very talented woman with 50K follower! Let's know more about Cristiana Felgueiras @gethandsdirty

What are the ingredients of success? An impressive following on social media, elegant project style and boundless agility with cutting tools.  We’re talking about @gethandsdirty! Woot woot!


Can you tell us about your Instagram channel?

YouTube and Instagram are the platforms that I choose to showcase my work and communicate with the world.  I see them a bit like art galleries where you exhibit your pieces. In my case, the process is just as important as the final result and the making-of videos become the final pieces instead of the objects themselves. The videos and the photographs are what communicate and inspire people and it is very fulfilling for me to share the creativity and learning curve with the audience.


How did your passion for woodworking come about and how did you get started?

 I’ve made three dimensional things since I was a kid and my hobbies included building stuff out of plaster, clay and corrugated cardboard. I joined Arts class in high school and started to be creative in many other materials. I then graduated in Sculpture in the Fine Arts Faculty of University of Porto, expanding my artistic skills and design vision. I love to learn and dig into different areas of work, which turns me into a multi-faceted artist. The passion for making is not just about woodworking or other materialistic techniques. My works gained shape mixing all kinds of stuff, combining materials in the same works such as fabric, ceramics, wood and even video projection or music.

It was on my last Faculty year that I found 2 or 3 woodworking channels on YouTube, while searching for ideas to make a wood joint for a Sculpture project. My homepage got filled with recommended videos about woodworking and I started to absorb more and more content. I got obsessed. I wanted to try and have all those nice tools, make those cool jigs, experience the feeling of cutting, smelling, touching that baltic birch plywood panel. I learnt so much just by watching and reading. Two years after graduating and doing some art exhibitions, I decided to create my own channel. And so, in 2015, the GET HANDS DIRTY project was born.


What are the CMT tools you use the most?

 I love how complete the CMT product range is and what I use the most are table saw blades specific to certain jobs. The Rip & Crosscut, Plexiglass & Plastic industrial blades as well as the Precision Dado Blade Set are some of my favourite tools.


Do you have any advice to give to woodworking enthusiasts?

 Ideas and drive to make projects happen are the best tools to accomplish a project, whether it is woodworking or music. My advice would be to actually start a project with what you have accessible and keep growing your skill and tool collection over time. Keep in mind that what’s most important is the journey, the process, having a good time and getting to the end of the project. If possible, do not give up and also try to not overrate the importance of expensive tools since you can make most beginner and intermediate level projects with a set of 4 or 5 basic tools. It might take longer but it is very rewarding. I went pretty much from zero to basic/inexpensive tools in two years (right before investing all my time and effort in the GET HANDS DIRTY channel) and then kept adding better tools to my collection as the expertise grew and budget allowed. So, if you can’t go right into the great tools, go slow and adapt while enjoying every step of the journey. If your context allows, you will most likely get “there” if passion and perseverance are what define your move.