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2023 Pro Tool Innovation Award Winner for ITK XTREME Tools

2023 Pro Tool Innovation Award Winner for ITK XTREME Tools

For 10 years now, the Pro Tool Innovation Award has been recognizing tools that drive and shape industry standard.  

An honor acknowledging not only competency and know-how in the field but evidencing a strong commitment to research and development.  

This year, the 10th annual PTIA has conferred double honors to CMT Orange Tools for unique saw blade products that embody excellent value, advanced technical characteristics and innovation: the ITK XTREME DEMOLITION 007 "License to Cut" Saw Blade and the ITK XTREME Combination Blade. Efficiency, excellence, and effectiveness for top professionals!

The CMT Xtreme Demolition Blade is an excellent cutting tool as it sets out to improve battery life, better manage nail impact, withstand intense working conditions, and improve user experience with an impressive anti-kickback design. Made with the finest raw materials, it showcases all the standard CMT saw blade features like protective coating and tri-metal brazing.

The CMT Xtreme Combination Saw Blade boasts CMT’s patented "Dynamic Balancing" for extreme accuracy, features new laser-cut slots for the lowest noise and vibration, and provides a resilient orange chrome coating that protects against wear and tear.  The finest Swiss raw materials and Italian engineering design guarantee a cutting experience like no other. 


Top tools for top professionals!