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The 273 ITK Plus blades for cordless saws in the new LegnoLab article

The 273 ITK Plus blades for cordless saws in the new LegnoLab article

The range that improves the performance of cordless saws

Cordless circular saw users need a solution that exploits the full potential of their power tools. In response to this need, the 273 ITK Plus saw blade from CMT Orange Tools® enables unprecedented cutting convenience, optimizing battery life and increasing the efficiency of cutting operations.

Discover in detail the 273 ITK Plus blades for
cordless saws in the LegnoLab article.
The range has been specifically designed to satisfy all users who want practical and light tools that allow mobile work with the same excellent results as corded tools; therefore for all professionals in the construction and carpentry sectors, who must carry out processing of wood and derivative materials (for example chipboard and plywood) and optimize the performance of their battery-powered circular saws.


Main features of the 273 ITK Plus blades

Maximum battery life and cutting convenience.

The new 273 ITK Plus circular saw blades are characterized by:
  • Extra thin cutting edge – up to 30% thinner.
  • Exclusive tooth geometry
  • Sharpening with axial angle
  • Orange Shield® coating – prevents blade from overheating, reduces resin buildup and protects against corrosion.


The 5 benefits of a circular cordless saw blade

Compared to basic blades, CMT circular saw blades for power tools offer versatility, high performance and reliability, as well as 5 main advantages:
  • Exclusive blade design allows for maximum battery life: up to twice as many cuts per charge.
  • No interruptions (not only does the battery stay charged longer, but it does not overheat, avoiding interruptions in the most demanding applications).
  • Practicality and incomparable cutting precision.
  • Less dust (thinner blade: less material removal).
  • Avoid overheating.
  • Faster and more agile machining.

Tools compatible with 273 ITK Plus blades
CMT Orange Tools blades have been designed to maximize the working efficiency of all cordless circular saws currently available on the market.

The 273 ITK Plus series is tailored to the specific needs of the cordless saw user and is compatible with tools by major brands such as PROXXON® saws, for cutting wood, plastic and non-ferrous materials.

The PROXXON® compatible 273 ITK Plus models are: