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3 piece kitchen sets

3 piece kitchen sets


Open new doors with CMT! Our 3 piece kitchen sets include a couple of rail and style bits and a raised panel bit. Choose among 4 possible profiles to make panel doors easy and economical. Each bit is made from bar stock steel and the highest quality tungsten carbide, along with the trademark orange non-stick PTFE coating. Also, they all come with their protective hardwood case: a very nice object to keep your bits safe, organized and within hand’s reach.

Profiles 8/900.513-14-16 are available in the photo gallery.

For US Market:

Codice Description Profile no. Z S D
3 piece kitchen set B2 2 1/2"
3 piece kitchen set A2 2 1/2"
3 piece kitchen set C2 2 1/2"
3 piece kitchen set D 2 1/2"
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