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Pattern router bits, short series
Pattern router bits, short series
Pattern router bits, short series
Pattern router bits, short series

Pattern router bits, short series


Whether you are a full time professional or a part time woodworking enthusiast, discover the unlimited possibilities of template routing with a CMT pattern bit. Pair up these double fluted bits with your choice of template to produce cabinet and furniture pieces, signs, toys and any other creative projects. Carbide tipped to last longer, CMT pattern bits are equipped with top bearing for working with the bearing above the wood piece. This gives you a clear view of what you are routing so you can work confidently and accurately.

Safety tips: make sure your router is in top condition. The template must be securely fastened to the work piece. When choosing a bit, carefully consider the thickness of the template and all the implications of the cut. Opt for the shortest bit possible for the project you are working on.

811.081.11B requires a slightly larger bearing than its cutting diameter.

822.222.11B features 9,5mm (3/8") shank and is sold with its relative 799.001.00 bushing to enlarge the shank to 12,7mm (1/2").

Here is a link to an article about making a simple but extremely accurate mortising jig.
Codice D I L S anello di serraggio Stop collar Stop collar Bearing Bearing 791.009.00 791.010.00 791.021.00 Bushing Hex key
5/16" 1" 2-3/4" 1/4" 541.001.00 791.010.00 991.056.00
1/2" 3/4" 2-1/4" 1/4" 541.001.00 791.010.00 991.056.00
9/16" 9/16" 2-1/4" 1/4" 541.001.00 791.009.00 991.056.00
5/8" 3/4" 2-5/8" 1/4" 541.001.00 791.009.00 991.056.00
5/8" 1/2" 2-9/32" 1/4" 541.001.00 791.009.00 991.056.00
3/4" 3/4" 2-1/4" 1/4" 541.001.00 791.004.00 991.056.00
3/4" 1" 2-1/2" 1/2" 541.002.00 791.011.00 991.056.00
7/8" 1" 2-5/8" 3/8" 541.006.00 791.021.00 799.001.00 991.056.00
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