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C.M.T. receives the Industria Felix 2023 Award with High Budgetary Honour

C.M.T. receives the Industria Felix 2023 Award with High Budgetary Honour

On the 51st event of the Industria Felix Awards, C.M.T. Utensili S.p.A. was recognized with High Budgetary Honour,
selected among 74 of the most competitive companies in the Italian territory.

Attestato a C.M.T. l'Alta Onorificenza di Bilancio del Premio Industria Felix 2023

Selection was made by a qualified team of high-profile economists, entrepreneurs and managers who hand-picked companies exemplifying outstanding management, performance, and financial reliability. The winners have been selected among 700.000 joint-stock companies basing on the financial statements for the 2021 fiscal year.
The awards ceremony, which took place on Wednesday June 14th in Foligno (PG), at Palazzo Trinci, saw 10 companies from the Marche region awarded.
For C.M.T. Utensili S.p.A., it is the reaffirmation of impeccable financial performance and managerial solidity. The numbers are testimony to the company's commitment to excellence.
Marcello Tommassini, CEO of CMT Utensili, asserted that:
Credit is due to all those who work at CMT; their brilliance is the very soul of the company.
This honour is testimony to our strength and competitiveness which nurtures and drives the company’s continued growth

CMT Utensili S.p.A. is a global leader in the design and production of cutting tools for woodworking and strives to attain distinction in research, development and technological innovation.
Da sinistra: Francesco Moretti, CFO di CMT Orange Tools; Lucia Spallacci, Responsabile Risorse Umane; Marcello Tommassini, CEO di CMT Utensili SpA
From left to right:
Francesco Moretti, CFO of CMT Orange Tools
Lucia Spallacci, HR Director
Marcello Tommassini, CEO of CMT Utensili SpA