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School/Company Conference to Support "Made in Italy Industry and Craftsmanship“

School/Company Conference to Support "Made in Italy Industry and Craftsmanship“

The official school/company conference in affiliation with Confartigianato Imprese Ancona – Pesaro-Urbino project took place today at the Bramante - Genga Professional Institute in Pesaro. The objective was to support "Made in Italy Industry and craftsmanship“-  a course intended as preparation for the furniture sector.

In addition to being a practical partnership it’s also about transferring know-how and offering technological solutions in order to provide effective training for entry into the labor market. It’s all about providing skills which provide the stamina to respond effectually to a world in constant change and ultimately develop balance between manual skills, technology and the world of business.

The project will include other training webinars that grant specialization in tool use, design and application with a particular emphasis on digitalization in a fast growing market. This programme provides a complete overview of the world of tooling not just from an industrial stand point, but also from that of artisan and hobbyist, stances that certainly approach the web and social platforms differently and with their own flavor.

Best of luck to all those who participated!


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