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From Genova to Japan, Hinoki woodworking embodies the perfect fusion of italian-japanese art and culture.

From Genova to Japan, Hinoki woodworking embodies the perfect fusion of italian-japanese art and culture.

The name of my IG account is “Japan Hinoki”, chosen because of my passion for the Japanese culture even if I am neither Japanese nor live in the Japanese territory.

My IG channel, before becoming what it is today, was a very normal low-key account, which I used to pass the time and watch films from around the world. Then Covid happened, taking with it the life of my father, a loss that leveled me like the Hiroshima bomb.

Weeks went by with many highs and lows until something suddenly just clicked inside me and I decided to modify my account content by focusing on a passion I shared with my father, that is woodworking and most of all DIY.  Inspired by some already well established YouTubers that I follow with great interest, like DIRESTA in the US, GIACO in Italy and TAKAMI KAWAI in Japan, on the 3rd of May 2021 I posted the first ever photo of my new channel.

My IG channel logo reflects my passion for Japan and I chose the cypress Hinoki table as an image not only because it is considered an ornamental plant in Japan but also because its wood product is highly used in the Japanese territory for special buildings like temples.

I think I have always been enamored with woodworking. When I was young, I lived in Genova for several years and I do remember that often, when I was making my way home from school, I would always poke my head through the door of a carpentry shop that left their door open, attracted by the fresh scent of wood shavings and the buzz of machines in operation.

I remember my father telling me that ever since I was young, I often claimed I wanted to be a carpenter.

I would have to say that my favourite CMT tool is the circular saw blade, which always plays a fundamental role in many of the projects I take on.

My advice for those planning to embark into the work of DIY and especially carpentry is to start small.  Always take small steps never jump ship when faced with not-so-great first results. Time and passion will give rise to bigger and better projects. Instead, for those who want to improve their skillset and further their woodworking expertise, I suggest the Giacomo Malaspina Woodworking School, which offers mini courses over the course of a few days. Even a school nearest you would suffice.