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Don't miss out Samantha Ryan's interview

Don't miss out Samantha Ryan's interview

Only in her twenties, this North Virginian mover and shaker provides inspiration to all women who strive to carve an active role for themselves in the woodworking world. 

We're grateful to Sam Ryan for her willingness to share her methods and divulge her tricks-of-the-trade.


Can you tell us about your Instagram channel?

My Instagram channel is samryan_designs.  I feature current projects, show tips and tricks and hope to inspire other women to get into the trade.  I also like to show the fun side of life inside and outside of the shop.


How did your passion for woodworking come about and how did you get started?

I wanted a headboard but it wasn't in my budget.  So I asked my grandfather, who is a self taught hobbyist of fine woodworking, for help and guidance.  He taught me to respect the tools, safety, and how to use them properly.  Slowly I became more confident.  Now there is nothing I won't try and build. I also like to design my own pieces.


What are the CMT tools you use the most?

Router bits and saw blades are used the most in the shop.  The quality can't be beat!


Do you have any advice to give to woodworking enthusiasts?

I will pass on the advice my grandfather gave me.  Measure twice, cut once, don't cut corners, and invest in good tools. Believe in yourself and don't be afraid to try something new.