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Are Music and Woodworking so different hobbies? Let's find out with @Brutt.custom.workshop

Are Music and Woodworking so different hobbies? Let's find out with @Brutt.custom.workshop


A match made in heaven! Music and woodworking according to @brutt.custom.workshop, our friend from Portugal. Dont' miss it!



Can you tell us about your Instagram channel?

 Along with my Youtube channel, it's a place where I share my projects, and knowledge with other DIY enthusiasts and everyone that follows me.
 The Instagram channel was created with the purpose of inspiring people to get out off the couch and build their own things.

How did your passion for woodworking come about and how did you get started?

In every house I lived in, there was always a workshop in the garage.

From an early age I started to pick up tools from my parents and grandfathers, to build my own things. It was something that grew along side with me, that feeling of looking at something and thinking,”I can build that” inspired me.
Among other things, I am also a musician and I always dreamed of building my own instruments, and I did, I built my own set of drums and electric guitars.

What are the CMT tools you use the most?

For now I´m using Industrial and Contractor circular saw blades, and I can tell you that I´m loving them, super accurate and precise.
Im looking forward to trying the router bits and the forstner bits 

Do you have any advice to give to woodworking enthusiasts?

Safety first! Always buy quality blades for your tools, even if you cant afford a super expensive table saw or router, invest in high end blades and bits. You won’t regret it, and you'll be surprised by the performance.