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Molding router bits
Molding router bits
Molding router bits
Molding router bits

Molding router bits


Why waste time searching for a particular style of frame molding when you can just as quickly and easily make your own. With the wide range of decorative possibilities offered by CMT molding bits, you can always create the edge profile you want, anywhere you want and any time you want. These CMT bits are made to last a lifetime - carbide-tipped cutters and solid bar stock steel shanks can withstand serious use and the baked-on non-stick PTFE coating makes sure you continuously get clean, smooth-running cuts. Our anti-kickback feature helps guarantee you work more safely when using these wide profile bits.

Shop tips: multiple pass operations require advance planning. To avoid making a mistake that could render it impossible to finish the job, carefully consider the entire cutting sequence before you begin.

Safety tips: all large diameter bits such as these should be used with caution and on router tables equipped with a fence. For best results, 1,7 KW (2-1/4 HP) routers are recommended. Routers as low-powered as 1,1 KW (1-1/2 HP) can be used if limited to shorter, shallower runs. When possible, reduce the RPMs of the router for operations requiring the use of these bits.
Item Code D I L S Shield for bearing 791.003.00 Screw Hex key
23,8 35 83,8 12,7 990.423.00 791.003.00 990.058.00 991.057.00
23,8 35 83,8 12 990.423.00 791.003.00 990.058.00 991.057.00
59 25,4 73,5 12
59 25,4 73,5 12,7
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